A 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to saving animals from neglect and abusive conditions.

NOTICE: We do not accept dogs or cats.

Milo’s Barn sanctuary and rescue was established in 2015 by Laurie Anderson.

It is a Not-for-Profit located in Oklahoma City, OK. Anderson has always been an animal lover and realized this was the most productive way she could make a difference. With help from her daughter Emersen and son Cooper in addition to friends and family, Milo’s Barn continues to save animals from neglect and abusive conditions. The animals live out their lives full of love and kindness at the barn.


No unfortunately we do not have the space or means to take in dogs or cats. We would be happy to help you find an appropriate rescue.
Yes! We do sponsorships for a $50 monthly donation and you get to come out and have a meet and greet! We keep you updated monthly!
We do not. We do not have the proper accommodations for that. But hope to in the future!
Absolutely! Our animals love fresh produce, and other leafy greens . We also take hay donations or all- stock! All donations are tax deductible!
Yes! Contact us for more info!
Yes! We love to socialize! Contact us for pricing!

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